Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Testimony Tuesday

Usually, our Pastors simply collect the tithes and offerings at church without saying too much about it. However, this past Sunday, Pastor Nancy said a few short extra words that just resonated with me for some reason. So, I thought I'd write about finances this Tuesday. Actually, I've been thinking about the improvements God has made in our finances throughout our marriage. He truly is our source, and I can honestly say that we've never faced a need that wasn't met. The trouble with such a topic is that I seriously have had trouble narrowing down which circumstance to write about. God has really come through for us so many times. But, since this is a tale of me and my two sweet girls, I'll tell you a little story about meeting my first sweet girl.

As you know from a previous Testimony Tuesday, Jason and I married just about 6 months after we met each other. Well, I had never been on birth control. (Shock! I know!) Anyway, with all of the wedding talk we were doing, I was also doing a lot of praying about this whole birth control thing. Thanks to my high school Child Development teacher, Mrs. Collins, I knew that birth control didn't work right away so if I didn't want to worry about it on our Honeymoon, I would need to start it before we married. Well, everytime I would pray about it, the only thing I heard the Lord saying was, "Trust Me," over and over and over again. "When the time is right, I'll bless you with a child. Trust me." Circumstances at the time made this simple "trust me" pretty difficult in my opinion! I was getting ready to make the move to Missouri so I had been driving there almost every weekend job hunting. I was having no luck and when it came time to move, I made the move without having a job lined up already. I still think I was crazy! Job hunting did not improve overnight either. By the time Jason and I married a month after I made the move, I still hadn't found a job, and it would be a couple more months before I did. Who knew job hunting in the winter could be so tough?

Anyway, I worked up the nerve to talk to Jason about it, and instead of telling him what I was hearing, I asked him to pray about the whole birth control thing. The next day, he told me the same thing God had been telling me. "I think we just need to trust Him," Jason told me. I'm pretty sure I was sitting down when I heard him say that, and it was probably a good thing! So, we trusted God. I'd often remind him that he had put it on my heart to be a stay at home mom and that our finances were TIIIGHHHT!

So, imagine my surprise, when I get a BFP, in the middle of July. After my initial enthusiasm, I'll admit that I questioned the Lord..."Now? Are you sure the time is right? Lord, it doesn't seem like we're ready for that financially." And, I was still reminding him that I wanted to stay at home with my children. "Trust me," was his only response.

My due date was March 8, and I quit working the November before. I did end up filling in for the secretary for the company Jason worked for at the time. But, essentially, we were able to pay off both of our vehicles during my pregnancy, and I was able to stay at home. Three and a half years later, I'm still at home and loving it. I'm so thankful for my "job" as wife and mommy.

When you are faithful to God, He is faithful to you. This is one area where God actually invites us to test Him. We have always tithed faithfully, and I'm so thankful that our offerings have increased throughout are marriage as well. I'm thrilled to be supporting the advancement of God's Kingdom through our local church.

A Note to My Sweet Elsie:
When I was pregnant with you, someone asked me if we had planned you. "No," was my response, and I should have elaborated. You are one beautiful gift planned by God. I can't imagine a better planner for the path you'll take in your lifetime. I'm looking forward to the day when you're able to witness that you've known God all of your life. Look back, and know that He surely has been with you every step of the way.

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