Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Miracle Brush

My three year old used to throw up her arms in angst and run away everytime I tried to comb or brush through her hair. She's got my hair. It's actually fairly fine, but we've got a LOT of it so it's thicker than it looks. I feel her pain. My mom has been known to break brushes in half just brushing through my hair. So trust me, I'm as gentle as I can possibly be with her. Yet, she runs. Awhile ago, someone mentioned the Goody Ouchless brush to me so I've kept an eye out for it for awhile. I've looked at WalMart a couple of times and Target numerous times with no luck. I was beginning to think the brush was a myth. But, the other day, I walked into the grocery store and I found myself passing through the hair accessory aisle on my way to the baking supply aisle. So, I looked, and there they were. They have a small child sized brush, a larger adult sized brush, and a comb, each available in pastels of pink, purple and blue. I picked up a couple of them, and Elsie was actually excited when I pulled it out of the bag. She really hasn't minded getting her hair brushed for the past few days. If you have a little girl, this brush is a must have!

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