Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hee Hee Hee

I think I have one pair of jeans that fit me right now. I gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. I put on 45 pounds during both pregnancies. The difference is that after I had Elsie, the weight melted off instantly. Seriously, I came home from the hospital and slipped into the jeans I wore pre-pregnancy. It was great. Plus, I pumped for 14 months and lost an additional 10 pounds or so. Then, I stopped pumping. I guess my body didn't like that because I gained about 20 pounds between the time I quit pumping and when I got pregnant with Claira. Then, I gained another 45 pounds with Claira and so far, I've only lost about half of that. I think. I haven't actually weighed myself in awhile. My problem area is absolutely my stomach. It's full of just rolly's gross, I tell you! Anyway, in my effort to ban jean shopping until I lose more weight, I decided to try on some jeans this morning. I'm happy to report that I could actually fit into every pair with them fully zipped. I didn't even have to lay on the bed and zip them up with pliers or anything like that. However, unless you're going for that skin tight look with extreme love handles, they just didn't look good.

But, I dug out the pair of jeans I was wearing when Jason and I met, and they fit! Yippee! I'm giddy with glee! I've got a tiny bit of love handle action going on, but it's totally disguised by the shirt I'm wearing, and I've got the jeans on now.

Almost 5 years and two children later, they still fit! It's going to be a great day.


Ami said...

Hooray! I love it when that sort of thing happens! My 'favorite' moment like that after having my son was 3 months later when I put on a pair of jeans that I'd bought only 2 months before getting pregnant, and they were too big! Congrats!

morethananelectrician said...

This from a dad:

Try not to worry too much about the pounds or the jeans, just try to live a healthy life and stuff like that happens as a result of being healthy and active.

But...sometimes we needa measuring stick! Good job!