Monday, March 17, 2008

Mastitis and Mice

It might as well be a four letter word. On Friday, my whole body was aching...seriously, when you're trying to put laundry into the washing machine and your wrist tries to give out in pain when you pick up a towel, it's not a good sign. On Saturday, the breast pain set in, and yesterday morning greeted me with chills and sweats. So, I called my OB's office and had the on-call doctor paged so she called me in a prescription. Happy Palm Sunday! I had mastitis 3 times while I was pumping for Elsie, so I'm praying that this is an isolated incident, and it won't happen again!

I have a video of Elsie (not) singing "Hosanna" at church yesterday. But, I will say that all of the kids stayed put up on the platform this year. Last year, we had a couple of runaways in their age group! As soon as I figure out how to post a video, I'll do just that.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping and stopped at Payless to get Elsie some new dress shoes for know, the standard black shoe to white shoe switch. Well, the two pairs of shoes that she wears most right now are her Nike tennis shoes, 9.5, and a pair of brown Mary Jane's, 9, that I got at Kohl's. So, I went with a 9.5. They were HUGE on her. So, Jason took her back to Payless to try on shoes, and he ended up getting her an 8.5. I wish retailers would unify their sizing!

Yesterday, Elsie was Daddy's Little Helper, and they went outside to put her Little Tikes slide together. These pictures are actually from last summer when we bought it.

While they were outside, Jason decided to dispose of some grass clippings that had been left out in the yard last summer. Apparently, the grass made a nice warm home through the winter. Add a nice home with a corn field grocery store across the road, and we made quite the living arrangements for a mouse family. I talked to my mom this morning who informed me that the gestational period of a mouse is only 19 days. I told Jason that we'll be getting some poison to feed those mice right away! 19 days! Can you imagine? I'd have a mice colony in just a couple of short months! Hopefully, taking away their home and killing them off will scare all the mice out of our yard. Call me a girl, but there's no way that I'm stepping foot in that yard knowing there's at least half a dozen mice out there.

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Ami said...

LOL! We have several videos of our 3 year old (not) singing at church, etc. He's supposed to sing "Hosannah" with his pre-school class in chapel tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it. :)

I hope you're feeling better, and that the mice stay far, far away!