Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm not a Pie, I'm a Bell!

So, Elsie has been Elsie Pie since she was in the womb...she was Elsie Pie nearly as soon as she was, sometimes we just call her Pie, but the name has really stuck. Every morning when she wakes up, I say, "Good morning, Sweet Pie," and she loves it. She has told me so.

Today, she changed her mind. Claira has been Claira Bell since before she was born, and today Elsie decided that she's a Bell too. Not a Pie. A Bell. A little jealousy, no? Actually, she likes everything of Claira's...Claira's toys, blankets, clothes, shoes...until Claira wants to eat. Elsie wants NOTHING to do with breastmilk! LOL!

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