Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mail Time!

I got this letter in the mail yesterday:

Hello Sissy, do you want to come over on winter break? I love you. Love, Madison

Sorry it's sideways...I didn't take it that way, and it won't let me fix it.

The "love" had a heart for the o. How sweet is that? I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm one of those lucky people who has much younger siblings...I've got some close to my age and then I have Madison and Kaleb. Madison is turning seven in a couple of weeks, and this is the first letter I've received from her. I'm going to keep it forever. I made Elsie quite upset when I wouldn't let her have the letter...she likes to destroy any piece of paper that enters her hands.

The sad thing is that her Spring Break is next week, and we're planning to go to Missouri on Wednesday. Jason did ask if we should postpone our trip and go to Indiana instead...but, I know some grandparents that are already looking forward to meeting Miss Claira and haven't seen Elsie in about a, off to Missouri we go. We're planning a trip to Indiana in May, but if Claira does well in the car this time, we might go sooner.


emily said...

That's cute!

Safe driving to MO... Wave at Forest Park as you drive through and I'll try to "feel the vibe"...


~aj~ said...

That is just too precious for words. I had no idea you had siblings that fun!

Hope you get to see her soon!