Sunday, March 2, 2008

On How to Clean Your Vacuum

That's right. Today, we cleaned the vacuum. Now, this seems like something really crazy out of Full know, something Danny would be caught doing. However, we are NOT neat freaks in the most remote sense of the phrase. But, I talked Jason into buying me a Dyson last summer. Once I got over the initial gross factor of how much dust and dirt it picked up out of my carpet that my old vacuum was leaving behind, I decided I love it! However, after the first use, the wand seemed to lose a great deal of suction so we finally decided to get to the bottom of it. There was a little hose on the underside of the vacuum that was plugged and, the actual wand itself had something stuck in it. Don't ask me what because I still don't know. But, how did we clean our vacuum out, you ask? How did we maneuver into those tight little tubings? Well, with another vacuum, of course! Jason brought the Shop Vac in from the garage and just sucked the blockage right out of there! Yay! I guess we're all feeling better today, even the vacuum!

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~aj~ said...

Cracking me up with the Danny Tanner reference. I could totally see him vacuuming his vacuum!