Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to Spook an Elsie

*Insert LOUD NOISE here*

That's all it takes. We had a lot of snow last week followed by a lot of rain over the weekend. Mix that with warmer temperatures that melted all of the snow and the pump in our basement kicks on about every 5 minutes or so...freaks Elsie out everytime.

Earlier this morning, I was loading the dishwasher when a loud, long siren went off. Elsie comes running into the kitchen and clings to my leg. "Mommy! I'm scared!" I assure her that everything is fine, and she goes back to the livingroom to resume her play. She hadn't been in the living room for 30 seconds when the television lets out a horrendously loud beeeeeeep! beeeeeep! This time, I make a dash to the living room and put the t.v. on mute...Elsie's freaking out, and I don't want to wake Claira (who napped for all of 3-10 minute intervals yesterday). A Tornado warning is flashing across the television screen. I look outside. The sky is clear. It's not raining and not very windy either. I call Jason and ask if he's heard anything. He visits the weather channel online and sees nothing about it. Odd. The alert comes on the t.v. again. This time, I turn up the volume a bit and hear them say that it's only a test! Seriously. Didn't they used to have some sort of banner across the screen that said it's a test? If I were deaf, I'd be hiding out in the basement for no reason.

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