Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Testimony Tuesday

It's Tuesday! That means it's time for a testimony! You know, I can't say that there's anything more important in my life than my family. Besides my relationship with God, Jason, Elsie, and Claira are my whole world. This is one reason why I'll never forget November 9, 2002. The second Saturday of every month, our church hosts a "Ladies Luncheon." Some of the guys from church get together to make us ladies an awesome lunch. Afterwards, we have Praise and Worship and a message.

Pastor Nancy was speaking at this particular luncheon, and I honestly don't remember now what the majority of the message was since it was over 5 years ago. What I can tell you is that I was single at the time. In fact, it would be 8 more months until Jason and I would even meet. But, I had a husband and children on the brain anyway. One more thing I can tell you about that particular luncheon is that God gave me something that day. At the end of her sermon, Pastor Nancy had all of the ladies stand up while she prayed for us. She was talking to mothers, asking them to remember all of the things God had done for their children, and in my mind, without thinking first, I asked God what he had done for my children. In retrospect, it seems a silly question for a single young woman to ask. But, God answered. This is what he said: "I'm turning their mother into a steadfast woman so they won't grow up without me." In that instant, my life changed forever. In that moment, I knew I'd be a wife. I knew I'd be a mother. And, I knew God loved these people who were my future just as much as I did, perhaps even more than I did.

The Lord has many names. The Father is one I've gotten closely acquainted with. While I grow as a parent, I also grow as a child of God because my understanding of His love for us deepens.

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