Friday, March 7, 2008

Confession Time

I enjoy the occasional Hannah Montana. In the last week or so, Elsie has started to request the show every once in awhile. She still doesn't get that I can't control what comes on the television all the time. I blame this on an extensive collection of children's DVD's. Anyway, I started paying attention and realized that Hannah Montana is on every evening at 6 p.m.

Well, I turned it to Disney a little bit ago, and the opening scene was Hannah's brother, Jackson, fighting off a wasp with a teddy bear. Elsie didn't recognize him and thought it was Zack and Cody (another confession, I suppose).

Elsie: It's Zack and Cody!
Mommy: No, It's Hannah Montana. That's Hannah's brother, Jackson.
Elsie: Well, my sister's name is Claira.
Mommy: Yes.
Elsie: Who's that? (pointing to Hannah on the screen)
Mommy: That's Hannah, silly.
Elsie: Who's that? (pointing to Hannah's dad)
Mommy: That's Hannah's daddy.
Elsie: Oh, so his name is Jason?
Mommy: No...LOL! Not all daddies are named Jason. Lydia's daddy is Roy, and Breanna's daddy is Eli.
Elsie: Well, what's his name?
Mommy: Ummm...I'm not sure...Billy? I think?
Elsie: Well, my daddy's name is Jason and Jason's are the best daddies.
Mommy: That's absolutely right.

My three year old is pure sweetness, I tell you. Seriously though, I need to pay more attention and find out what the name of Hannah's dad is on the show...if you know, fill me in!


~aj~ said...

The daddy/daughter bond is so amazing. It's so cute she thinks that Jason's are the best daddies!

Alyssa said...

On the show, her dad is named Robby. In real life- Billy (where you got Billy from) Billy Ray...I love him :D