Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Flight of the Teething Ring

Claira's newest accomplishment is throwing things. Of course, it's a bittersweet new trick because it really ticks her off. She's still working on getting her two front bottom teeth to come in so she is constantly chewing on things...beads, rattles, my hair, her clothes...well, she especially likes the little teethers that we keep in the fridge for her, but she gets SSOOOOO excited when I give her one that she can barely keep it in her hands long enough to make it to her mouth! I'll hand her one, and she starts squealing and cooing like crazy, shaking her hands all about, and tosses it at least three times for me to retrieve it before she finally settles down and gets it to her mouth. Of course, that's only if she isn't mad as a hornet by that time.
She also loves to look at herself, and we take a few minutes to visit the mirror in our bedroom whenever she wakes up from a nap. Today, I finally went down to the playroom to dig out some of the baby face books from Elsie's babyhood days, and Claira LOVES to look at them and "talk" to them.

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