Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just Between Us

I wasn't around for dinner tonight...that's right, I finally (and I mean FINALLY) got Claira to nap this afternoon so I snuck out for a shopping trip when Jason got home. But, Jason told me this cute little story that I couldn't resist sharing. Jason made Elsie some grilled cheese for dinner.

Elsie- "Are you going to have grilled cheese too, Daddy?"
Jason- "No. Daddy doesn't like grilled cheese."
Elsie- "Well that's a cryin' shame."

In case there was any doubt, she's definitely my daughter.


evelyn said...

Mandy I'm so glad to see you and your family and keeping updated on the going ons in your life keep them going I check it every day .
Grandma Evelyn

emily said...

DANG that girl makes me laugh!!