Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite

This afternoon we put Elsie's kite together and headed outside to fly it. Despite the lack of wind here in the windy city, we did manage to get it up in the air. Elsie was in a fit of giggles the entire time.

Claira really enjoyed being outside too. It was a gorgeous warm day, and we were thrilled to play outside.

We also took a stroller ride.

Oh, and we were inspired to get Claira a jumper this weekend, and we got some footage of her jumping this afternoon. But, I took it vertically with my digital and figured out that I can't rotate, I'll have to take some more footage tomorrow and post it so you can see her jumping!


~aj~ said...

That's what we should have done yesterday. It was gorgeous, but so windy!

Glad ya'll had a fun family day!

Julie said...

Great idea! I think we need to go fly a kite.

BTW, you CAN fix your vertical image (I do it all the time). Just upload onto One True Media. They have a function where you can rotate your image. Then you can post a link to the video via One True Media.

Email me if you need more help:

I love jumperoo videos!

emily said...

can't wait to see your babe jumpin'! It's so fun to watch Noah master it here in our house!