Friday, April 18, 2008


TAG. You're It.
Where is your mobile phone? It's on an end table in the living room.
What is your favorite gadget? My camera. My NEW's a Canon Rebel xti.
What did you dream last night? Actually, you're in luck because I did have a dream, and I actually remembered it. I dreamed that I was in some baby boutique, and I couldn't decide which matching outfits to
What do you prefer to drink? I have no idea...I've been drinking 99% water for over a year now so not much else tastes very good.
Dream car? a brand new Cadillac that I can drive off the lot with like 4 miles on it or something.
What room are you currently in? the Kitchen!
Your husband? is at work.
Your hair? NEEDS to be highlighted.
Your mother? is on her way to drop my little brother off at work.
Your father? is at work...? I'm not sure
Your ex? I couldn't care less
Your biggest fear? no comment.
What do you want to be in 10 years? besides the wife and mommy I already am, I'd like to be a successful writer...oh, and a much better photographer.
Who did you spend last night with? my family...Jason, Elsie, and Claira
What are you not? I'm not a pagan!
The last thing you did? Elsie and I danced around the living room to the theme song of the Gilmore Girls...yes, we do this EVERY day!
What are you wearing? pajama pants and one of Jason's t-shirts
Favorite book? One Night with the King
The last thing you ate? an Andes mint
Your life? is good. very good.
Your mood? my new camera is here, and it's the weekend...I'm happy!
Your best friends? Jason and Stefanie...they ROCK!
What are you thinking about right now? editing photos
Your car?
is at work with Jason...since his is a goner! We'll be car shopping soon
What are you doing right now?
Your Summer? can't begin soon enough!
Marital status? MARRIED. HAPPILY!
What is on your TV right now? Gilmore Girls
When did you last laugh? a few minutes ago while Elsie and I were dancing.
When did you last cry? I don't remember
School? I did that...once upon a time.

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