Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here Comes the Bride

Today is Elsie's Wedding Day. Or at least she must think so. She helped Daddy make spaghetti for dinner tonight and while doing so, she gave him a kiss and said, "Now we're married!" We thought that was quite cute. Then, I had to clear a few things off of the table so we could eat. One thing happened to be a dress we got in the mail so I showed it to her and said, "Look at your pretty new dress." She then told me she wanted to wear it, but I told her it was for Uncle E's wedding. She asked if Eric would be there, and I told her, "Yes, Eric will be at his wedding." Then, after dinner we were watching t.v. Daddy said, "Mommy and me are married. Uncle Eric is going to marry Randi." Elsie was very upset about that, "NO! Eric is married to ME!"

Little does Miss Elsie know that I refuse to marry off my firstborn to the first guy who comes along. I seriously cannot imagine our home without our daughters in it. I know that time will pass, and they'll grow up, but right now, I'm enjoying how little and fun they are. So, hopefully she'll forget about all of this married talk tomorrow.

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