Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Claira Milestone

This morning, Jason was changing Claira's diaper, and she rolled from her back onto her side. We've got movement from the peanut, people! She'll be rolling over in no time, I bet.

Yesterday, our landlord was over again with more renter prospects...she was happy with our decluttering, and it's a good thing because I was the only one home so she would've had to hear me talk instead of Jason the Nice. Anyway, she thought that our place was too cluttered for people to want to rent the place. We've got 4 people living in about 600 square feet! Clutter is a good reason to move. It doesn't help that 98.2% of the people she has coming to look at the place have no kids so they don't understand toys at all. Anyway, we decluttered this week. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pack, sorting through things and then trying to get things so they "appear" to be in tip top shape so people can look through the place. It's tough. Add a toddler and an infant. That's more tough. But, she was happy, so I was happy, and that's that.

We went to the mall last was Claira's first trip to the mall. She slept in Daddy's arms while he watched Elsie in the play zone, and I shopped. I should say that I window-shopped. That's right. I went into Gymboree, and I came out without a bag in my hand. I think the salespeople were shocked as well. There are salesladies in multiple Gymboree stores who know me. Perhaps that's an addiction. Anyway, I really want this cute shirt for Elsie. Both Gymboree stores closest to me are out, and I don't want to drive to the other two. Online, it's $8.95 shipping or something outrageous like that!

I did find some really cute dresses, but even with the President's Day sale, I still would've paid over $20 a piece, and I like a better deal than that. So, I went to browse at Von Maur. I say browse because I've never actually made a purchase there. It's an inspiration store...see cute, over-priced things in person and then scour the internet for deals on them. Jason's brother is getting married in August, and I found a dress that would be sooooooo pretty for that. But, Elsie's size was $56 and Claira's was $44. I told Jason he needs a raise! Here's a picture of the dress, but I'll warn you, I don't really think it looks all that pretty in the photo, but it is gorgeous in person.

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