Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

Here's what the rest of my family is doing while I'm typing...

That's right, they're all cuddled up in the recliner.

By the way, I had to take that picture five times! The first time, I put the memory card into the computer and it wouldn't read the photo I needed...this has been happening a lot, this is another plug to Jason that I NEED a new digital. The second time, I went to take a picture and the camera battery was dead. So, I put it on the charger and came back to finish typing this post. When I was done, I went in to take the picture. When I set the camera back on the charger, I realized that the light didn't turn on so I thought I hadn't set it on their right. I did...turns out the charger wasn't plugged in. Elsie is definitely the culprit of that one. For some reason, if something is plugged in in the living room, it won't stay that way for long if she can reach it. Anyway, why did it take the picture if it hadn't actually been plugged in that whole time? Who knows. But, it again didn't recognize the file in the computer. So, I had to wait awhile to post this entry. But hey, there's your picture! Somehow, I don't know that it was worth all of that!

Why aren't I sleeping you ask? Because I have a migraine the size of Texas. I'm sure my "cold" from a few days ago is actually a sinus infection. Normally, I take some Claritin and Mucinex whenever I have a sinus infection and those two things really help me deal with the symptoms. However, those two things are designed to dry you right up. Since I'm nursing, it's just not a good idea to take medication designed to dry up all of my bodily fluids. That really stinks because I want to feel better. It's been an entire week, and I feel much worse today than I did a week ago.

Anyway, we're moving in two weeks. How many boxes have I packed? ZERO! Today, our landlord had 6 families come over to look at our apartment, which is actually one half of a duplex. Yesterday, she called Jason to ask if she could have people stop over yesterday evening. I've been sick for a week. My house looked like Toys R Us had were from one end of the house to the other. Also, I'd actually washed laundry all week but hadn't found the energy to fold any of it so we had about 6 loads of laundry to fold. Jason suggested she wait until today. Last night, the landlord called to report that she wanted our driveway scooped off. Our driveway is the length of a football field. We got at least 18 inches of snow this past week, and since I haven't been feeling well, Jason would help out inside when he got home rather than do any work outside. Now, the neighbors in the other half of the duplex scooped their half. When it's convenient (and this week it was!) we will neglect our half of the driveway and use their side to get in and out. They've done the same with, it works both ways. Anyway, the landlord sent her son over to clear off our half of the driveway. He used a snow blower so that left a good 4 inches of packed ice on the driveway instead. Landlord did not approve so Jason had to get out there with his bad back and try to chip away the ice. He's much nicer than I am about the whole thing. I say, if she wants the driveway perfectly clean, she can step right up and get the job done herself. Also, there's been a snow shovel in the middle of our football field sized front yard for the last few days. I assume the neighbor got upset while shoveling and tossed it. Who knows. Anyway, landlord didn't like that either. Guess who got to tromp through 50 yards of 18 inch deep snow to retrieve it? My sweet Jason. Again, he's much nicer than I am. I'm nice because I'm letting him nap!

On the bright side, we're moving in two weeks! Actually, the Associate Pastor of our church recently took a new job across the country leaving the Parsonage free. So, we're moving in! We're really excited. We moved from a spacious 3+ bedroom home to a teeny, tiny two bedroom. So, the Parsonage is at least double the amount of space we're living in now. I can't wait!

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