Sunday, February 3, 2008

Princess Messy

It seems that just about every mommy blog I've looked at has at least a post or two with photos of extreme messes the child has made. Whenever I see them, I marvel at the fact that Elsie will be three years old soon, and hasn't covered my walls with marker or finger painted the fridge with chocolate pudding. YET. Mostly, I must be a fuddy duddy of a mom because Elsie has (had) no access to markers. Until yesterday. Cranium has a new line out called Bloom, and we bought her this Mail and Stamp set, which has become a quick favorite.

Anyway, it has wipe off envelopes, letters, and postcards with an erasable, while Jason and I cleaned the closet in our room and Elsie was supposedly watching the Veggietales Silly Song Countdown, she was actually beautifying herself. Here are a couple of photos of her handiwork. I'll admit that I've seen much worse, but I hope this comes off in the tub!

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