Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're Moving in 9 Days

Well, I should be more specific....We, Jason, Claira, and myself are moving in 9 days. Elsie is NOT, or so she says. Miraculously, Claira took a nap on my bed today rather than her favorite spot, my arms. It's typical of her to open her eyes and shriek at me the second her head hits the bed. So, I took this unusual opportunity to clean out Elsie's closet...there were still clothes from last summer in there and since she's still growing like a weed, most of them don't fit. So, I'm packing clothes away, and she's standing over me saying, "Put that back," "My clothes don't go in there, Mommy. They need to hang in the closet so you can get me dressed," so I explain to her that these clothes are too small and we're going to buy new ones soon. She seems okay with that until I start packing away blankets as well. "NO! That's not too small!" she shouts at me. The moving subject has been coming up more and more lately. She's visited the new house and had tons of fun hiding in the closets, but when we talk about moving, she's very adament about the whole thing. "I'm not moving. I like this house. I don't want the new house. My toys are staying here. I'm staying here. no, No, NO!" You get the picture. At first, I thought it was just her mood one day, but she's been very consistent in her unwillingness to move. I really hope she does alright with it. If you've got experiences or tips to share about moving with a toddler, please share!

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~aj~ said...

Adam HATES change, so I can only imagine how hard it must be. He nearly had a coronary when we moved our living room furniture to accomodate our Christmas tree!