Thursday, February 7, 2008

Elsie ate her lunch!

And, it wasn't a corn dog or a cheese sandwich! Those two things have been staples at lunchtime for at least the past three weeks. I kid you not! She won't eat anything else! Until today. Today, she asked for pasta. So, I made her some. Of course, when I dished it into a bowl for her to eat, she said, "That's not pasta!.", I did a little song and dance number (I bet you wish I had a video of that for you!) and got her to take a bite of the "not pasta." Then, she ate the rest all by herself! Wahoo...notice the empty bowl. Now, there are a few droppings on the table that escaped her mouth, but I'll take it!

1 comment:

~aj~ said...

Can she now teach Adam how to live off of something other than chicken nuggets?! :)

Way to go with the "not pasta". And yes, the video would have added some great entertainment, I'm sure. lol