Monday, February 11, 2008

Our February Mission

is to eat at home...that's right. No restaurants. No Olive Garden or Chili's. No McDonald's or Arby's. No pizza or chinese delivery. This month, we cook! So, February is 1/3 over already, and we're doing just fine I must say. We decided we'd go restaurant free in February because our habits had gotten out of hand. We used to budget for one meal out a week. Either we could go out as a family, or Jason would go out for lunch while Elsie and I went out for lunch separately. He works an hour away so we rarely get together for lunch. Anyway, that once a week turned into Jason having lunch out 2-3 times a week, Elsie and I usually eating lunch out once a week, and the family eating out together once or twice a week. As I said before, it was out of control. Honestly, it hasn't been as hard as we thought it would be. Hopefully, we'll be back on track for March.


Jessica said...

That is a brave mission! I would love to beable to strike fast food!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!

~aj~ said...

Very impressive! I don't think we'd stand a chance of making it a month. However, I like that you picked the shortest month of the year to give it a go. :)