Thursday, February 21, 2008

A beautiful cranium

Yippee! Claira weighed 9 lb. 8 oz. at 2 months old. At 3 1/2 months, she weighs 12 lb. 14 oz! I'm sooooo thrilled about that! Nursing has been something I'm quite nervous about. I didn't get to nurse Elsie at all, and because of Claira's jaundice, the bottle was introduced to her before we left the hospital. After that, she would cry and scream at the sight of my breast. It took 5 long weeks of pumping, bottle feeding and offering the breast before she finally decided to nurse. She had lost nearly a pound while in the hospital, and she was slow gaining back so her weight is something I've kept an eye on. Anyway, she's gained 3 1/2 pounds in about 7 weeks which I think is awesome! I think I'm just so excited because I really feel now that we're breastfeeding successfully, and I can relax a little bit. Result: One very happy, thankful me!

Unfortunately, the doctor also confirmed that we have thrush and since I'd already tried two rounds of gentian violet with no success, I'm hoping that the prescribed nystatin actually works. Claira also has a yeast diaper rash, which I was sure of because this is her first diaper rash and after I'd tried about 4 different creams with no luck, I decided to call the doctor. I'm going to have to let her air out 3 times a day for 30 minutes...that should be fun. It should be extra fun since we're moving tomorrow! But, apparently yeast loves warm, moist places so bring on the air! The doctor actually laughed at her folds...most babies have a couple of folds in their legs/diaper area...Claira has a grand canyon on each side!

Oh, and this was our first visit to this pediatrician. I called our family doctor on Tuesday afternoon, and they said they couldn't see her for 2 weeks! That's insane, in my opinion, so we took her somewhere new. Anyway, the first thing the doctor said after hello, "She has a beautiful cranium." LOL! Who says that? Anyway, that's one for the baby book!


Julie said...

Way to go with sticking with the breast feeding. So many Moms would have given up, but it is so worth it isn't it? Your girls are so beautiful and sweet, I love checking in with y'all!

Rebecca said...

Good job sticking with the feedings!

A tip to speed up that airing our process. Get a blowdryer (set to cool, you don't want to burn her) and blow her little bum dry after each change. Your company will wonder why you keep the blowdryer at the changing table, but it will help the rash to heal faster (without your naked baby peeing all over the place while you try and let her air dry!)