Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pleasant Tummytime

I had almost forgotten that it was possible to lay a baby on her belly and have her smile, coo, and play rather than cry, scream, and bury her face in the blanket. Elsie loved tummytime, but Claira hasn't really appreciated it (at all) until today. Today she played happily and cooed at Elsie and I for a good 15 minutes before she resorted to her usual antics.

Claira keeps getting more and more fun everyday. She discovered her hands recently, and she's just fascinated by them. Also, she's been reaching for toys and she likes to grab her paci from our hands and then drop it (of course). She's getting more and more interested in her toys and has found the peacock hanging from the bar on her infant seat to be a nice companion.

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Tierd said...

That is great that she liked tummy time today! My six month old STILL hates to be on his tummy (and still isn't close to crawling because of it!) Sweet picture of her! Jen