Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Testimony Tuesday

It's good to remember what the Lord has done. Our Pastor preached a sermon on this very thing before Claira was even born. He encouraged us to write down what God has done for us and remember it. So far, I haven't written anything down. I often remember and thank God for many things He has done while I'm praying and worshipping, but I'm going to make an effort to start writing it all down. So, I introduce you to "Testimony Tuesday." I know, it's a dorky name, but I like it!

Anyway, I'm sure there are skeptics out there. Actually, I know there are, but I don't care. If you really, truly don't think I (or anyone else) can hear from God, then I invite you to join a church for a year. Not just any church. Join a church full of people who really love God and are seeking His will for their lives and the purpose of their congregation. Praise and worship the Lord daily. Pray daily. Read the Bible daily. Do all of this with a sincere heart, and I doubt you'll be able to tell me that you don't hear from Him in a year's time. Actually, I doubt it will take that long. Either way, feel free to leave nasty comments after that. I'll delete them anyway.

So, I've been saved since June 15, 2001. There are two times that I can recall since then that I've heard the audible voice of God. Both occured while I was driving.

The first time was about 6 years ago. I worked about 45 minutes from where I lived, and the entire drive was one road...a road with some heavy commercial areas but also some residential areas. Anyway, after I had driven the same route on the same road for months, I could probably do it with my eyes closed. There were certain intersections where I'd switch lanes because the turning lanes would get backed up. I can remember a section of the road where there are a bunch of trees and a pond off to the right. At certain times of the day, the sun's glare from this area would be awful. Actually, there was a time or two when the light reflecting off of the pond and through the trees made me think that there were sirens coming up behind me! I laugh about it now, but it really freaked me out at the time. Anyway, I prayed on my way to work. I was alone, and it was quiet. So, I had a nice routine. I knew when to be in the left lane and when to be in the right lane. One day, while I was praying, God said, "Speed up. Switch lanes." Now, that seems quite simple. At the time, I did it without thinking. When I took a second to think about it, I immediately asked, "Why, Lord?" as I looked in my rear view mirror. The site there explained everything. When God spoke to me, I was in the middle of an intersection. So, when I increased speed, I crossed to the other side of the intersection and switched lanes. Behind me, someone from the cross road made a left hand turn on red and forced a semi truck to switch lanes. I saw that semi in the exact spot I would've been if I hadn't moved out of the way. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact date this occured, but I do know that God has saved my life more than once.

Discipline and obedience aren't just for our children. I want my daughters to learn to obey without question. Delay is disobedience. I don't want to see my child get hit by a car they don't see if they're running for the road, and I shout, "STOP!" I don't want them to keep running and ask me "Why?" or shout back "I don't want to!" I really believe that children can learn to obey by watching their parents. Everyone has to answer to someone. I'm teaching my daughters a valuable lesson everytime I submit to authority. Who knows. Maybe that discipline will save their lives one day just as it has saved mine.

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