Sunday, February 3, 2008

Papa and Grandma Johnson Came to Town!

My dad and stepmom came for Elsie's Birthday Party today. We were very happy to have them since we haven't seen them since last summer! I'm not a pleasant traveler while pregnant :) Anyway, I've got one of those crazy, fun families where it so happens that I've got 5 younger brothers and sisters. The two youngest, Madison and Kaleb, are 6 and 1 so my girls get double the fun when we see these particular grandparents...they get playmates too! They didn't get to stay long since Dad had to work tonight, but we hope to see them again soon! I'll try sharing pictures tomorrow...

My Dad and I

My little sister, Madison, and Claira

Grandma Rene and Claira

Elsie with my her Uncle Kaleb, whose about two years younger than her! LOL!

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