Monday, February 18, 2008

A Stuttering Sister

Of course, I'm referring to the sister who can actually talk, Miss Elsie. She's been stuttering for about the last week and a half. It's really starting to bother me because it's been bothering her for a few days now. She gets quite upset when she can't say what she wants to. In theory, I think it might just be stress related...she absolutely does not want to move, and it's been going on since we started talking about the move more and actually packing. I'm hoping that's it and it just goes away once we're settled in. Otherwise, we're headed to Missouri to visit family next month, and we'll also make a trip to Kansas City where she'll see a Speech Therapist and be evaluated so if I have any lingering concerns, we'll get something worked out then. Of course, I'm praying that this is only temporary and not something she'll need ongoing support for.

Updated: I just got off the phone with the hospital, and apparently the clinic is booked through the summer so they have a wait list...not what I wanted to hear since we live 9 hours away. Fortunately, since my only concern is having her speech evaluated, they should be able to get us in sooner. The problem is that they're going to call in a couple of weeks to schedule the appointment. Hopefully, that'll correspond with the dates we were hoping to travel to visit family. Otherwise, I might have to ask for a recommendation closer to home.


Bud said...

Check out as The Stuttering Foundation of America has tips for parents of ways to help at home, a list of things that helps you determine if/when a child should see a speech therapist, and helpful brochures. You can contact them with questions at, too. This is where our family got the most help.

Cheryl said...

Take heart - we all stutter in some form. (I did some research on this in gradschool). You are probably right, it may have to do with the big move. I just noticed my DS (2.5 yo) stuttering more this week. Some times it's just a growth spurt and then it all works its self out. You can also check with your local public school district for early intervention services. Did you post anything on BBC? There were a couple of Speech and Language Pathologists on there this summer - they may still be around to help calm your fears.

Hugo said...

Stuttering seems to have nothing to do with stress or anxiety.

Take a look at it:
Study discredits anxiety as cause of childhood stuttering