Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kiss It Forward

Want to make a difference? Take a few minutes to visit www.abreva.com and "Kiss it Forward." This campaign profits Operation Smile, a program designed to provide surgery for children with cleft lip/palate in poor countries where medical help is not usually affordable. These surgeries are free to the families.

Anyway, this is a cause close to our hearts. I'm so thankful to be living in a country where we were able to seek treatment at one of the best craniofacial clinics in the country when Elsie was just two weeks old. Her surgery was done before her first birthday, and the only recollection she'll ever have of her palate will be what we tell her. It's heartbreaking to see young children in other countries struggling to eat or having trouble making friends simply because they don't have the same hospitals we have here in the United States. So, please take a few minutes and send a kiss to your loved ones. For the first 30,000 kisses sent in February, Abreva will donate $1 each to Operation Smile.



Julie said...

I'm so stealing this and posting on my blog too!!!!!! Thanks!

Dyan said...

Good post.